In a standard test environment such as…

In a standard test environment such as a test lab, it will not always be possible to replicate the production server configuration. In such cases, a staging environment is used which is a subset of the production environment. The expected performance of the system needs to be scaled down accordingly.

The cycle “run load test->measure performance->tune system” is repeated until the system under test achieves the expected levels of performance. At this point, testers have a baseline for how the system behaves under normal conditions. This baseline can then be used in regression tests to gauge how well a new version of the software performs.

Another common goal of performance testing is to establish benchmark numbers for the system under test. There are many industry-standard benchmarks such as the ones published by TPC, and many hardware/software vendors will fine-tune their systems in such ways as to obtain a high ranking in the TCP top-tens. It is common knowledge that one needs


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